Eligibility – Solo machines

Eligibility – Solo machines

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    Event(s) for which eligibility is sought

    See the main website for full event details HERE
    Event 1 - ACU Solo Girder Fork Motorcycle Championship Yes
    Event 2 - Solo Motorcycles up to 250cc to 1962 Yes
    Event 3 - Solo Motorcycles up to 250cc, 1963 to 1972 Yes
    Event 4 - Solo Motorcycles, 251 to 350cc to 1962 Yes
    Event 5 - Solo Motorcycles 251 to 350cc, 1963 to 1972 Yes
    Event 6 - Solo Motorcycles 351 to 500cc to 1962 Yes
    Event 7 - Solo Motorcycles 351 to 500cc, 1963 to 1972 Yes
    Event 8 - Solo Motorcycles 501 to 750cc to 1972 Yes
    Event 9 - Solo Motorcycles over 500cc to 1962 Yes
    Event 10 - Solo Motorcycles over 501cc, 1963 to 1972 Yes
    Event 11 - Solo Motorcycles Formula Bantams Yes
    Event 12 - Single Cylinder Ducati’s up to 500cc to 1976 Yes
    Event 13 - B.E.A.R.S Solo Motorcycle F1, F2,F3,F4 to 1985 Yes
    Event 14 - Japanese Air Cooled Solo’s G1,G2,G3,G4 to 1982 Yes
    Event 23 - 125cc Open Solo Championship Yes
    Event 26 - Solo Production Based Motorcycles 1980–1989 Yes
    Event 31 - Unlimited Solo Motorcycles to 1949 Yes

    Attach photos and supportimng documentation

    Please upload four photos showing the front, rear and each side of the bike exactly as it is to be evaluated for eligibility. These will form part of your eligibility certificate so please ensure they are a clear and true representation of this motorcycle you are submitting for eligibility.
    Please send any supporting documentation in a separate email to eligibility@bhronline.uk

    Final Declaration

    I understand that I have taken responsibility for this solo machine meeting all of the current eligibility rules for British Historic Racing and will inform the Eligibility Officer prior to making any changes to ensure ongoing eligibility. Failure to comply with this may render the machine ineligible to race in British Historic Racing events.
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