Marshals availability for 2022

Marshals’ availability form for 2022

Until we can confirm dates for 2022, please provide your contact details here to be informed when the dates are finalised and to give us permission to hold your personal details under GDPR rules.

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    As we are all no doubt aware, the Government has now relaxed all restrictions with regards to Covid-19. That does not mean that the virus has gone away, it simply means that we are all left to live with it safely and in a way that we consider others and their potential vulnerabilities. Please be conscious of any symptoms you may be experiencing and get a LTF if possible or reconsider helping out at the meeting in order to protect others. Please continue wearing face masks if you feel more comfortable and continue sanitizing and washing your hands as often as possible.

    All the meetings below are subject to any Covid-19 restrictions and as a result could mean they could be cancelled at any time.

    Please like our Facebook page or allow us to keep your personal details on our database to be kept up to date of the latest updates. Confirm below to be added to our database.

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    Saturday 13th August 2022 Darley Moor (DE6 2ET) BHR Championship - Round nine
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    Sunday 14th August 2022 Darley Moor (DE6 2ET) BHR Championship - Round ten
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    Saturday 24th September 2022 Cadwell Park (LN11 9SE) BHR Championship - Round eleven
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    Sunday 25th September 2022 Cadwell Park (LN11 9SE) BHR Championship - Round twelve
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    This may include any medical conditions we need to be aware of or advise of anything we can do to help you carry out your duties safely throughout a meeting. Please note that anything you put here will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

    Just before you go.....

    British Historic Racing are always looking for more people to get involved with running the club and who better to ask than the dedicated guys and girls in orange who already give up their time and effort to help out.

    If you would like to find out more about any of the roles below please tick any of the boxes below and a member of the club will get back to you using the details given above.

    The roles that you could get involved with are: (There may be others areas you are interested in so please mention this in the additional information box above)

    Please call me on 07970 115 487 if you have any questions or queries.

    Many thanks to you all for your help during 2021 and lets have a fun and safe 2022 Season.

    Lucien Burkhardt
    Chief Marshal

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