Eligibility – Pre 1973 Three Wheelers

Eligibility – Pre 1973 three wheelers

Registration notes

  • Subject and subordinate to ACU Standard Regulations for Road Racing. Every machine must comply in every way to the ACU Standing Regulations and Specifications. All classes will be open for entry using motor vehicles and components of European and American manufacture only unless indicated in a particular class specification. (AGM 11/12). These rules define the additional requirements necessary to compete in VMCC Ltd Road Racing Events;
  • It is compulsory that all sidecars/three-wheelers in Sidecar based 3 wheelers up to 750cc to 1972 and Sidecar Based 3 wheelers to 1973 (not B3 cyclecars) MUST be fitted with an effective lanyard type cut out;
  • British Historic Racing – VMCC Ltd wishes to encourage the building and racing of genuine ‘type’ outfits of the Pre 1973 era. All machines must comply with the ACU regulations for Road Racing and the Machine Specification and in all cases the engine, gearbox, hubs and ancillary parts must be of a type available before December 31 1972;
  • ENGINE – i): Sidecar based 3 wheelers up to 750cc to 1972 – Motor vehicles and components of European and American manufacture only, up to 2 cylinders, 2 valves per cylinder, up to 750cc;
  • ii): Japanese pre 1982 up to 750cc air cooled. (Chassis type as per current pre 72, front exit style only.AGM 11/16);
  • iii): European pre 1982 up to 750cc air cooled. (Chassis type as per current pre 72, front exit style only.AGM 11/16);
  • iv): Sidecar Based 3 wheelers to 1973 – Engines to be of European and American manufacture only – unlimited;
  • CYLINDER HEAD: Triumph engines -10 stud head may be used;
  • CHASSIS: Must be of a type recognised to be of the period and of tubular construction, either bolted or welded to form an integral unit. All handholds must be of a closed loop type. All suspension must be of a type available in the period;
  • WHEELS: any steel or alloy wheels, in keeping with the period, are permissible subject to a maximum inside rim width of 5.5” (140mm). Tyres should be of a type or similar to those available in the period and are restricted to a maximum contact width with the track of 5.5” (140mm). Tyres must have a manufacturer’s moulded tread pattern. Modern low profile slicks, or hand cut slicks are not permitted on any wheel;
  • STREAMLINING: Period style fairings and streamlining are allowed. All bodywork must ensure passenger protection from wheels, chains etc;
  • BRAKES: Any period type system of cable, rod or hydraulic operation is allowed. There must be 2 independently operated systems;
  • BATTERIES, FUEL & OIL TANKS: To be securely mounted and adequately protected to avoid spillage;
  • IGNITION: Magneto, coil or electronic ignition system may be used but if it is the latter then it should be in an inconspicuous place;
  • CARBURETTORS: Any make of period carburettor may be used. Left hand and right hand Amal II’s may be used. Smooth bores are not permitted;
  • REV COUNTER: Any period rev counter may be used;
  • GENERAL FINISH: Any type of paintwork may be used if it is of a reasonable colour and is in keeping with the period of the machine’s manufacture. The use of inappropriate badges, stickers, transfers and other characters will not be permitted. A reasonable level of neatness and cleanliness is required of all machines. A machine of poor appearance or inferior construction may be excluded at the Three-Wheeler Specification Sub-committee’s discretion;
  • B3 CYCLECARS: B3 cycle cars will have to comply with the above but as these machines are usually a one-off type, the Three-wheeler Specification Sub-Committee for approval will judge them on their merit. Riders intending to race in this class must submit a detailed specification to the Three-wheeler Specification Sub-Committee for approval and registration before any entry will be accepted. Neither the rider nor the passenger may be attached to the machine in any way.;
  • MORGANS: Morgan three-wheelers must comply with the Morgan Three-wheeler Club Racing Specification.

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    Event 17 - B3 Cyclecars, Sidecar Based 3 wheelers and Morgan’s Unlimited to 1972

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    Please upload four photos showing the front, rear and each side of the outfit exactly as it is to be evaluated for eligibility. These will form part of your eligibility certificate so please ensure they are a clear and true representation of this motorcycle you are submitting for eligibility.

    Please send any supporting documentation in a separate email to eligibility@bhronline.uk

    Final Declaration

    I understand that I have taken responsibility for this sidecar outfit meeting all of the current eligibility rules for British Historic Racing and will inform the Eligibility Officer prior to making any changes to ensure ongoing eligibility. Failure to comply with this may render the machine ineligible to race in British Historic Racing events.

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