Eligibility – Pre 1959 sidecar outfits

Eligibility – Pre 1959 sidecar outfits

Registration notes

  • Subject and subordinate to ACU Standard Regulations for Road Racing. Every machine must comply in every way to the ACU Standing Regulations and Specifications. All classes will be open for entry using motor vehicles and components of European and American manufacture only unless indicated in a particular class specification. (AGM 11/12). These rules define the additional requirements necessary to compete in VMCC Ltd Road Racing Events.
  • Pre 1959 sidecar outfits must conform to the specification that a sidecar outfit is a solo motorcycle to which a sidecar has been attached, and the motorcycle must be able to be ridden as a solo if required i.e. bolt on sidecar.
  • All 3 wheel rims must be of a minimum of 18″ in diameter.
  • Two front brake drums of the period may be built into one hub centre, i.e. back to back drums.
  • Any combination of period parts from any motorcycle manufacturer may be used, i.e. Norton frame, Triumph engine and BSA brakes, providing the parts are of a type available before 31st December 1958.
  • Ignition – Magneto, coil or electronic ignition may be used, but electronic ignition should be in an inconspicuous place.
  • Streamlining – Small period style “Manx” type fairings allowed.
  • All bodywork must ensure passenger protection from wheels, chain etc.
  • General finish – The general appearance of the machine must be in keeping with the period of the machines manufacture.
  • Fuel – All pre 1959 outfits may use any commercially available pump petrol up to Avgas 100 LL. Methanol may also be used – An orange day glow disc (Min 3″ diameter) must be affixed on or immediately adjacent to the racing number plate on both sides of any machine using methanol.
  • All machines must be fitted with an effective lanyard type cut out.
  • A Machine Registration Certificate will be required prior to racing at BHR events. The Eligibility Officer will inspect and photograph the machine prior to full eligibility being granted, and a Machine Registration Certificate being issued.
  • The Machine Registration Certificate, when issued, remains the property of BHR / VMCC, the certificate may be revoked for any change to the machine that has not been agreed and recorded by the Eligibility Officer.

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    See the main website for full event details HERE

    Event 15 - Sidecar Outfits Unlimited to 1958

    Attach photos and supportimng documentation

    Please upload four photos showing the front, rear and each side of the outfit exactly as it is to be evaluated for eligibility. These will form part of your eligibility certificate so please ensure they are a clear and true representation of this motorcycle you are submitting for eligibility.

    Please send any supporting documentation in a separate email to eligibility@bhronline.uk

    Final Declaration

    I understand that I have taken responsibility for this sidecar outfit meeting all of the current eligibility rules for British Historic Racing and will inform the Eligibility Officer prior to making any changes to ensure ongoing eligibility. Failure to comply with this may render the machine ineligible to race in British Historic Racing events.

    Registrations notes at the top of this page have been read, understood and agreed?

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