Eligibility – B.E.A.R.S sidecar outfits

Eligibility – B.E.A.R.S. sidecar outfits

Registration notes

  • Subject and subordinate to ACU Standard Regulations for Road Racing. Every machine must comply in every way to the ACU Standing Regulations and Specifications. All classes will be open for entry using motor vehicles and components of European and American manufacture only unless indicated in a particular class specification. (AGM 11/12). These rules define the additional requirements necessary to compete in VMCC Ltd Road Racing Events.
  • It is compulsory that all sidecars in B.E,A,R.S Sidecar outfits to 1986 MUST be fitted with an effective lanyard type cut out. Such outfits conform to the specification that a sidecar machine is a solo motorcycle that was available over the counter in the period which a sidecar has been attached and the machine must be able to be ridden as a solo if required.
  • A cut-off date of 31 December 1986 on all motorcycles. Only motorcycles manufactured in Great Britain, the United States of America and mainland Europe are eligible. (With the exclusion of ‘Bimota’ or any other mark when employing ineligible engines.)

Standard Class

  • ENGINES: May be tuned in any way with the following exceptions; Must not exceed 1000cc*, Can not include any components unavailable before the cut-off date (including engine blocks). Fuel injection and ECU systems can only be of a sort fitted to a standard BEARs-eligible motorcycle and are interchangeable between makes. The bore and stroke must appear on the outside of the engine. *NB: The 1000cc limit is waived for twins and triples and the original 1300cc ACU limit for those engines only. (AGM 11/17);
  • FRAME: Made by the same manufacture as the engine. Some leeway is allowed for a similar frame, different year. Additional bracing and modifications to frame geometry allowed. Frame loop to remain intact, i.e. no cutting away lower frame rails etc. Fabrication of lower sub frame allowed to fix sidecars to bikes manufactured without lower rails IE; Laverda Twins, BMW K100/K75;
  • FORKS: Must be of a type fitted to the bike when it left the manufacturers. Upside down forks not allowed. Forks from any BEARs eligible bike allowed. Fork brace allowed. Similar looking forks that were manufactured later than the 1986 cut-off date ie: BMW K100 with integral fork brace are not allowed;
  • SWINGING ARM: Must be kept but suspension can be made rigid. Complete new rear sub-frame “hard tail” not allowed;
  • EXHAUST: Must follow the standard route for that motorcycle, must employ standard ‘header’ pipes. Silencer ‘can end’ is free. Must conform to ACU noise regulations;
  • WHEELS: Only Pre 1987, BEARs-eligible wheels allowed, must be a minimum of 17″ (AGM 11/16) NB: All Pre 1987 sidecar outfits under 500cc may use 16″ wheels* (AGM 11/17) The use of tubes in tyres is optional.(AGM 11/17) Wheels may be painted (AGM 11/17);
  • CARBURETTORS: Any BEARs-eligible carburettors or throttle body’s allowed.
  • BRAKES: Any BEARs eligible discs/callipers are allowed. Only one caliper per disc;
  • BATTERY: Must be fitted in original position;
  • FUEL; All post 1972 outfits must use pump petrol, pre 1973 outfits may use methanol;
  • SIDECAR SPECIFICATION: The minimum diameter of the sidecar wheel is 17”*. Sidecar must bolt to the bike as in the Pre 1959 event. Streamlining restricted to a small nose cone. Sidecar brake not allowed. Sidecar chassis must be made of steel tube or box section and conform to B2/B3 ACU Handbook regulations. Aluminium frames not allowed. Track 800mm minimum, 1105mmmm maximum. The distance measured from the centre of the track left by the rear wheel to the centre of the track left by the sidecar wheel. The ground clearance measured over the entire length and width of the vehicle race ready, fully loaded with rider, passenger and fuel must not be less than 65mm with the handlebars on a straight position. No device is permitted to reduce the 65mm ground clearance during the course of the event;
  • GENERAL: Fuel tank must be of a standard motorcycle tank type and be in the stock position;
  • TYRES: Slicks and cut slicks are not allowed. Any moulded tyres allowed with a maximum width of 140mm. Spacing away of rear wheel from centre line of the motorcycle is not allowed. (AGM 11/16);
  • ELIGIBILITY: Any doubts as to eligibility refer to the BHR committee before building. (All BHR Pre 1959 outfits are eligible for this event).

Hot Rod Class – As “Standard Class” with the following exceptions;:

  • ELECTRONICS: Any ignition, ECU, fuel injection system allowed;
  • ENGINE: Later K series engine blocks may be fitted as long as they are declared as such for noise testing and program purposes. All BMW K series bikes must employ the eight valve head. The bore and stroke must appear on the outside of the engine and must be correct;
  • FUEL TANK: May be located on the sidecar platform but the original tank must be fitted to the motorcycle, unmodified and in the standard position;
  • BATTERY: May be fitted in a safe location within the outfit;
  • EXHAUST: Free, including headers but must comply with all ACU noise regulations;
  • ELIGIBILITY: Any doubts as to eligibility refer to BHR committee before building.

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    Event 18 - B.E.A.R.S. type outfits unlimited to 1986

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    Please send any supporting documentation in a separate email to eligibility@bhronline.uk

    Final Declaration

    I understand that I have taken responsibility for this sidecar outfit meeting all of the current eligibility rules for British Historic Racing and will inform the Eligibility Officer prior to making any changes to ensure ongoing eligibility. Failure to comply with this may render the machine ineligible to race in British Historic Racing events.

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