Bullet to borrow (Deposit required)

Does this Bullet have your name on it?

Not to rent… Not to hire… To borrow! (Deposit required)

If you would like to have ago but haven’t got a machine ready for use why not borrow the bullet. For more information please email enfield@whittakers.force9.co.uk


Mark and Sue Whittaker started racing with BHR in 2011 on a 1957 BSA A10 outfit. It came to their attention that many people wanted to race but either couldn’t afford the time, financial commitment or didn’t know how to prepare a race bike.

They thought they would do that for them.

They’re are not made of money so they knew that this had to be on a budget, showing what can be done with limited time and cash. They enjoy being part of BHR; it is a friendly club and they would like others to have a similar experience.

The choice of an Indian Royal Enfield was very deliberate as it makes it affordable and accessible whilst also giving a genuine vintage bike experience.

Interested? find out more…. NEW Bullet to Borrow Brochure