British Historic Racing Club News

The club committee and officials changed at the AGM.

After many years holding the club together Gerry Daine has stepped down and handed over the reins of the club to the new chair Ann Goodey. Carole Allison has stepped down from the position of secretary and the post has been filled by Georgina Coldwell after stepping down as deputy chair. Jayne Allison has stepped down from the chief marshal position and the post has been filled by Ann Mallett and Henry Gaunt. The club would like to thank Gerry, Carole, and Jayne for their years of work behind the scenes. The experience they have brought to the club is not lost though as they have all been re-elected to sit on the committee for the following year. Other 2023 committee members who have stood down are Steve Kowalski, Dave Matravers, Keith Prime, Bob Livesey, and Roger Moss. Again the club thanks them all for the work and help they have given the club over the past years. Going into 2024 the officials and committee are as follows.

Chair: Ann Goodey.

Secretary: Georgina Coldwell.

Treasurer: Ralph Coldwell.

Entries Secretary: Sophie Thomas.

Joint Chief Marshal: Henry Gaunt.

Eligibility: Nic Powell.

Carole Allison, Jayne Allison, Dave Bristow, Gerry Daine, Richard East, Wendy Glenn, Mike Kemp, John Lorriman, and Andy Taylor make up the rest of the committee.

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